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TherapyNotes for Mental Health Training Clinics

University mental health training clinics are a fantastic way for students in PhD or PsyD programs to start getting real world experience. Instead of using software designed only for educational clinics, expose your students to software that is also used in real world practices by thousands of psychologists. TherapyNotes is in use by thousands of private practices and also works great for mental health training clinics. Here are some of the features that make clinical directors excited to use TherapyNotes:

Extensive supervisor features:

  • Clinicians can be assigned to one or more supervisors
  • All notes can go into a supervisor queue for approval
  • Mark rejected notes with comments to go back to clinician for review
  • Supervisors can cosign notes if desired
  • Supervisors only have access to their supervisee's notes

Some of the reports you may enjoy:

  • Note count report for tracking clinician hours
  • Report to determine what notes need to be completed by clinicians

Training Clinic Price:


Assumes no insurance billing. Fees apply for credit card processing and appointment reminders, if utilized. After first year we will offer heavily discount rates.

TherapyNotes in the Classroom

It is important for students to learn how to properly document their patient sessions. Good treatment plans and progress notes help maintain therapeutic focus and provide the ability to track progress. Further, poor documentation can result in expensive audits!

By creating a simulated practice in TherapyNotes, with mock patients, students can go through the motions of the full documentation lifecycle from the intake note to the termination note, and everything in between. Display TherapyNotes on a screen to go through the motions and then create accounts for all of your students as though they were clinicians in the practice, so they can have hands-on experience.

Classroom Price: FREE

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