TherapyNotes Features

TherapyNotes saves you time so you can focus on what's important: your clients.

TherapyNotes accommodates the workflow of a behavioral health specialist by providing a fully integrated system to manage your scheduling, notes, and billing. Safety and security are built in to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what's most important: your clients.

Manage Your Workflow

The calendar is the glue between tracking doctor schedules, patient appointments, corresponding notes, and billing. Because TherapyNotes understands the workflow of psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists, an automatic To-Do list will keep track of what notes need to be written, so you can't forget. Your custom patient portal can allow your clients to request appointments online.

Robust Scheduling

View calendars for specific clinicians, all clinicians, or for a particular patient. Includes monthly, weekly, and daily views, or view your agenda for upcoming appointments. Easily create recurring appointments, set staff work schedules, or add practice-wide items such as staff meetings. Practices with multiple office locations are also supported.

To-Do Lists

The To-Do List greatly streamlines your day-to-day workload and makes sure you don't overlook anything. To-do tasks are created automatically after each appointment, when you need to update treatment plans, sign unsigned notes, follow up with patients, or contact the patient's PCP, in addition to many other helpful reminders. You'll never forget to do a note!

Sync Your Schedule with Your SmartPhone or Tablet!

Easily view your schedule on the go, right from the built-in calendar software on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also sync your calendar to Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and other compatible calendar software.

Appointment Reminders

TherapyNotes will send automatic text, phone, and email reminders upon request. This will reduce the amount of no-shows and decrease practice expenses.

Powerful Patient Notes

Our form-based notes system makes it fast and easy to complete your notes. Our notes have been uniquely designed for behavioral health practitioners, with notes for both psychotherapists and doctors offering medication management. Powerful and robust, yet quick and simple to use, notes are the cornerstone of TherapyNotes.

Electronic Medical Records

Your office can now go paperless by uploading your patient files into TherapyNotes! Upload HIPAA agreements, intake forms, insurance cards, and other paperwork. We support all computer files including Word or Excel documents or scanned paper documents. These electronic medical records (EMR) will be encrypted and backed up by us, so you have one less thing to worry about. Unlimited storage is included!

Specialty Note Types

Our notes are designed specifically for psychology and psychiatry and are based on significant research to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA, APA, and insurance payers. As a psychologist, counselor, social worker, therapist, MFT, or psychiatrist you will enjoy using our treatment plans, progress notes, psychological evaluations and various other note templates.

Built for Speedy Note-taking

TherapyNotes was originally built specifically for the purpose of making notes faster and easier to write. With built in pull down menus and checkboxes including commonly entered information, you save a lot of time without forgetting important details. Much of the note is already started for you based on the scheduled appointment. Plus it works with dictation software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, as well as the built-in Mac OS X and iPad dictation software.

Quick History Review

Most fields have a History button to easily view what was documented in past notes. Use this as a reference or click one button to copy an entry forward into the current note.

Spellcheck With a Robust Mental Health Dictionary

The built-in TherapyNotes spellchecker lets you review individual fields or your entire note. Common mental health words are already in the dictionary and you can add your own words any time.

Download Notes as a PDF

Download individual notes or selected notes into a PDF file for your patients, allowing you to easily print or fax these documents. If you have a practice logo it will automatically be included on every note.

Electronic Billing

Streamline your practice operations with seamlessly integrated billing features including electronic insurance claims, ERA payment posting, and credit card processing. You never thought billing could be this easy!

Electronic Insurance Claims (EDI)

Welcome to one-click claims! Simply click the button to submit a claim and you're done. TherapyNotes EDI automatically utilizes your note and other settings to generate the claim, so there is no data entry at all. Clearinghouse features are fully integrated so you don't need to switch between various software products. TherapyNotes supports secondary claims, Medicare PQRS codes, and pre-authorization tracking. When you can't go electronic, TherapyNotes offers simple generation of CMS-1500 paper claims.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Receive electronic remittance advice (ERAs) from most insurance companies directly into TherapyNotes. Posting insurance payments is effortless with the TherapyNotes ERA payment posting feature.

Credit Card Processing

The TherapyNotes credit card processing service lets you enter or swipe credit cards right in TherapyNotes. You can store patient cards for future transactions, to further streamline your workflow. TherapyNotes partnered with First Data allowing us to offer you competitive rates and a fully integrated solution.

Statements and Billing Reports

Our fully integrated billing features also include patient statements for invoicing or providing receipts, superbills, revenue reports, aging reports, and much more. With just a couple clicks you can generate a packet of invoices for all clients with an open balance.

Compliance and Security

TherapyNotes works hard to keep your practice compliant with HIPAA, insurance requirements, and best practices in the mental health industry.

Secure / HIPAA-Compliant

  • SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • Database is fully encrypted
  • Access to the web application is encrypted
  • Data is backed up regularly
  • Strong passwords are required
  • Users only have access to the data necessary to do their job
  • Just about all actions are logged, offering a powerful audit trail
  • Powerful firewalls protect servers

Insurance Compliance

  • Insurance specifications for required documentation and procedures have been carefully reviewed to help you be compliant
  • Form fields on notes help make sure your notes are complete
  • Legible and organized notes, to avoid auditing issues
  • Easy to retrieve and print notes for patients
  • To-do reminders make sure you don't skip important notes and tasks

Patient Portal

Practices can enable their own patient portal (or client portal) for their practice. We currently allow clients to view appointment availability and request appointments online. More features are coming soon.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients can view clinician availability and request an appointment. You can set limits to control who can view your availability and when an appointment can be requested online.

Patient Access

Patients can log in to view upcoming appointments, quickly request appointments, and more.

Customized Portal

Customize your practice portal with your own logo, color settings, and instructions.

For Any Size Practice

TherapyNotes is carefully designed to make sure that both solo practitioners, larger practices, and everyone in between gets an optimal experience. Multi-user features are only displayed if applicable, keeping things streamlined for solo practitioners.

User Roles

Assign users to roles including clinicians, clinical administrators, site administrators, schedulers, and billers — each with the appropriate access to do their job. Clinicians can only see their own patient's notes. Security settings are customizable. Easily reassign patients to other clinicians.

Supervisor Features

Assign clinicians to supervisors to review or cosign notes, or optionally bill with the supervisor's credentials. This feature also works great for university training clinics.

Multi-location Support

TherapyNotes supports practices with multiple locations or clinicians who do patient home visits. Appointments can be assigned to specific locations and calendars can be viewed by location. Claims will automatically be generated with the appropriate location code and other locations-specific billing settings.


Use TherapyNotes in the classroom to teach students how to properly document their sessions, or in university training clinics to give your students experience using a real-world system instead of one designed just for education. Classroom use is free, and university training clinics get the first year free. Visit the TherapyNotes Education page for more information.

Amazing Technical Support

Because TherapyNotes is web based you already have everything you need to use TherapyNotes: A web browser and an Internet connection. We take care of all your backups and updates automatically. When you need help, unlimited support is included.

All You Need Is A Web Browser

Web-based software is ideal for small practices without the resources to maintain a secure software application. Large practices will also have significant cost advantages without needing to install and maintain software or a server.

Works Great on Windows, Macs, iPads, and other tablets

We specifically test TherapyNotes on Macs, Windows, and iPads to ensure an optimal experience for everyone.

Routine Backups and Disaster Recovery

We take care of backing up all your data. Everything is backed up off-site at least once per day, and on-site backups happen throughout the day. Numerous redundancies are in place to ensure the servers are as fault-tolerant as possible.

Automatic Updates

TherapyNotes updates occur very frequently and require no action on your part. When you log in you will be notified if any changes occurred. Small updates usually happen as soon as bugs are fixed, and major updates occur every few weeks. You have no server or software to maintain, other than your web browser.

Unlimited Support

All TherapyNotes subscriptions include unlimited technical support by phone or email. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch, friendly, helpful support.