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Very happy with TherapyNotes!
April 4, 2017
I have been using TherapyNotes in my private practice for a few months now after doing a trial run with a few other EHR systems and liking TherapyNotes the best. The system was easy to learn and is easy to interact with. I have never had trouble doing what I need to do, but there are also lots of helpful tutorials available if needed. The system operates smoothly and has never glitched or frozen on me. The one time that I called customer service with a question, I received friendly, helpful assistance. TherapyNotes costs more than some EHR systems, but I believe that it is worth the price to have something that works well, is reliable, and doesn't cause me stress.
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I am a new private practitioner
March 31, 2017
I am a new private practitioner. I was referred to TherapyNotes by one of my colleagues. I started utilizing the services on a trial basis and found it to be user friendly. I also was able to ask questions from the staff at TherapyNotes and found them to be very helpful and supportive. They were also amenable to extend my trial period until I was completely satisfied. I find that this program makes my job as a practioner easy and totally compliant with HPPA regulations. I would recomment this services to all providers in private practice.
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Excellent resourcet
February 22, 2017
I love usingTherapyNotes, LLC. They have an very easy, friendly electronic medical record system for my psychotherapy practice. I can quickly log in to find phone numbers, my list of clients and then complete a progress note. They also have a very good psychotherapy intake note that is conveniently outlined for completing all the necessary information that needs to be included in this type of note. Completing a session note also follows the required information of time and date for each session, the diagnosis is always included. The note includes an area to record at risk information and for medication to be recorded. They include the goals from the treatment plan and a progress update on each note. I feel secure in knowing that my notes are up to standards required by most insurance reimbursement providers. I also feel secure that the notes are kept secure and private on a system I can access readily. I do not use the billing feature so cannot comment on that portion of their systmem
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Simply the best!
February 13, 2017
I have a small private practice and I can't say enough about Therapy Notes, my colleagues and I mention it to each other several days a week- thats Therapy Note for ya- they think of absolutely everything. Its been such a wonderful experience from scheduling to note taking to text reminders, etc. We love love love it! Our clients do to! Also- the staff at Therapy Notes is extremely helpful and they have been very patient and kind to my team. Once you have had the Therapy Notes experience there will be no turning back- they have streamlined everything! Thank you so much! We appreciate you!
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Great clinical EHR with excellent work flows
January 24, 2017
Since 2013, I have used TherapyNotes as my electronic medical records. The forms and processes are developed with mental health practitioners in mind. In addition, I have been very pleased with the responses to technical issues and support that I have received. Pros: - Intuitive, user friendly interface across all devices (i.e., laptop, tablets and smart phones) and browsers - Submitting a electronic claim requires completion of a progress note. (i.e., I don't get paid until my documentation is completed. It incentivizes staying current on Progress Notes.) - EDI claims submissions - ERA integration with billing - .PDF bills that can be emailed or printed for patients - Integrated credit card billing, if you choose - Electronic signatures with dates and times for risk management - Optional appointment reminders for patients - Calendar syncing with patient initials to Outlook or iCal; no need to keep two calendars! Cons: - None currently. I am looking forward to ongoing development of the Patient Portal for even more seamless billing and payment processing.
Reply from TherapyNotes
Thank you for the glowing review!
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So Easy to use!
January 23, 2017
This is such an easy program to use for a therapist who has minimal experience with billing on their own. I love it. It helps my practice move stream lined and keep money coming in on the regular which you may not be able to find with a biller. Your in control of your billing and the customer service if you have questions is amazing! They are so helpful.
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TherapyNotes improved my practice by 100%
January 16, 2017
I am a techno dinosaur and found TherapyNotes to be extremely user-friendly, and facilitates practice notes and documents completed in a professional manner. Appointments are recorded and changed in the drop down menu; my clients receive timely notification of their appointments, late cancellations, and no show fees processed with little effort, billing is a breeze, and the customer service is responsive, polite and supportive. Thank you TherapyNotes, life just got a little easier.
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Best tool for private practice owners!
December 28, 2016
Do you need to simplify your private practice? Have one spot to go for everything? Then you need TherapyNotes. It holds client profiles, documents, and prompts you through assessments, session notes and billing. Your biller can have access as well without having access to confidential client information. Superior customer support, not that you'll need it much as everything works as it should and it very user friendly.
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November 2, 2016
I have been in private practice as a solo clinician for the past 15 years and a clinician for almost 25 total. I have always maintained paper files/notes and manual billing/printing/mailing... I am NOT tech savvy at all, but two months ago I bought myself an Ipad Pro and signed up for TherapyNotes in hopes of making my paperwork life easier... I thought it would take me a long time to learn and make the transition, but after just two months I feel 100% comfortable with the program and it has improved my efficiency and taken the stress out of the paperwork/billing for me. I used to have a pile of work at the end of the week, but now... I never do! It is wonderful! I highly recommend this!!!
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TherapyNotes is great
October 19, 2016
TherapyNotes is fantastic. You can use it to schedule, document and bill all your services. The system generates reminders for you to do your documentation, sends reminder appointments to families about your sessions, and cues you to complete compliant documentation. They have all the updated CPT and DSM codes built in. It's a time saver and provides great functionality. Best of all, you can do your billing directly through the system and generate invoices for families.
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TherapyNotes is AMAZING!!!
October 17, 2016
TherapyNotes has been VERY user friendly. I have had a couple of questions, both of which were answered quickly and efficiently by calling their customer service number. Everything has had easy to follow instructions! I love how easy it was to sign up to accept different insurances and it took very little time to be approved, which was a surprise as I have heard of others who have waited a month or more for their approvals. I strongly recommend TherapyNotes!
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Great price, intuitive... easy.
October 9, 2016
An excellent practice management app. I have been using this in my private practice for months and it is much more intuitive and seamless than any other system I have used my 2 previous practices. TherapyNotes consistently pushes updates for issues that arise in the software as well as overall site improvement. The billing is much less complicated than other systems. Intakes, treatment plans, an therapy progress notes are all intuitive with easy prompts. All notes may be easily accessed after upload to the secure cloud. The system is extremely helpful with the all new ICD-10 codes as well. There are too many features to note everything about TherapyNotes, not to mention the outstanding customer service and technical support. I highly recommend!
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A godsend
September 25, 2016
I am a solo practitioner, mental health counselor. TherapyNotes has been a godsend for me, well worth the reasonable price. It makes note writing very easy, TherapyNotes provides prompts and reminders to make sure I complete necessary tasks such as updating treatment plans, and completing a HIPPA agreement for each patient. I can access records of a patient very quickly, and easily scroll down and find past notes. TherapyNotes also has a great billing component allowing me to bill through TherapyNoes and also to easily print out billing statements to mail to patients.
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Wish I could give 6 stars!!
September 17, 2016
Awesome Tech Support; readily available, patient, knowledgeable, and always eager resolve issue(s). If an organization and/or company is considering Therapy Notes, they need to get on board, immediately! Maneuvering through the program is made easy by accessing the "Help" function which includes a wealth of information (my favorite includes the tutorials). Keep up the great work, Therapy Notes, your efforts are greatly appreciated!
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Great service and Very Intuitive
September 13, 2016
I have a small therapy practice of five licensed clinicians. We are all extremely busy and were bogged down with systems administrative tasks when we were using our previous scheduling and billing vendor. I couldn't believe how seamless the transition was and how intuitive the system is to use. No longer did we have to be systems engineers just to complete our scheduling and billing. TherapyNotes reduced our administrative time exponentially, saving us time, money and frustration. The response time from our account manager is superior and my questions are always answered in a very prompt manner, usually within a couple of hours.